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What is my purpose? I think that’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves many times. Personally, I have struggled my entire life to find the answer. Always feeling like an outsider, endlessly questioning my value, and believing that I was worthless. My search to find my place in the universal puzzle of life, has led me to some very dark places. Then one day my heart stopped. I died. But that’s a story for another time.

It’s an odd and overwhelming feeling to “rise from the dead”. There is relief, confusion, and the birth of so many questions. Who am I? What have I been doing with my life? I realized that for the better part of my 37 years, I slithered through life like a chameleon. Changing my natural color and altering my intrinsic patterns to please others, meanwhile losing myself beneath the costume of the day. This second chance was an opportunity for me to proudly share with the world who I am, naked. Just me.

I sanctioned my authentic self to come out and play, to design, to create, to be the CEO of my own life, and to help others along the way. I would no longer search for someone to come and save me. I would be the hero of my own story. And out of my once still and lifeless body, I was resuscitated, and a new vision was born.

At 2882, we are committed to supporting your best and most authentic self. Helping you to find those luxury items that will help to express the unmistakable you. Our proprietary system will help personalize your shopping experience. We will recommend Timeless Coveted Luxury Designer Brands, small Mom and Pops, Devoted Independent Brands, Ethically Sourced Merchandise, and of course, our very own quality over quantity, sustainable, 2882 product line.

Each item in the 2882 line has been created and curated by me, Kenneth Ventura, artist, designer, and CEO. Together we can support our community. We can explore new and exciting outlets for our independent voices to be heard, and our individual styles to be seen. Let’s change the way we shop. Let’s have FUN!

Para Você comes from my Portuguese heritage.

Para Você is our company mantra: FOR Ü.

After a life altering stare into the void, creating something bigger than myself became essential. I felt a calling to focus my attention outward. I wanted to create something unique that I was passionate about, but that had the ultimate goal of helping others. For so long I was always asking what the universe could do for me? What could I get from you, before you took it from me? This fearful mindset drove my near demise, and when given a second chance, I realized I no longer wanted to be afraid. So I would flip the script and begin asking, “What can I do, FOR Ü.”

Suddenly I was following my heart. I promptly quit my well paying job as a Creative Director. Ideas were flowing faster than I could organize them. The excitement I had for my new vision was exhilarating. My passion would drive me, and I would plan to open up my own eCommerce shop, 2882, FOR Ü. The negativity pulsing throughout our world had given rise to the most positive ideas I’d ever had. I would overcome any obstacles put in front of me. I was ALL IN!

After months of little sleep, some very difficult life lessons, and a bit of humble pie, 2882 LLC was born. I have thoughtfully organized the 2882 Shop into unique lifestyle trend collections. This makes for a more pleasant shopping experience. You have the option of shopping by the trends, style department, sex, designer, and/or keyword. Luxury shopping made simple.

My goal is to bring communities together, digitally that is. To make a more personalized online shopping experience from the comfort of your home. There are so many AMAZING products out there that people are unaware of, and I wanted to get them in front of the current market of consumers. The quality of 2882 purchase options, far exceeds what you can imagine. Our shop will feature well known luxury brands, and illuminate companies driven by friendly customer service, and recycled, biodegradable packaging. These junior companies provide a modern luxury. You may even find a handwritten thank you note with your purchase.  More than ever, retail outlets of all sizes appreciate you, value your support. They see you. These brands represent our communities, our coworkers, and families trying to keep their doors open.

My sincere hope is to use the proprietary system that I have created, to help as many of these businesses be seen by the shoppers of today. Serve the consumer that no longer is driven by norms. 2882 hopes to offer a variety of luxury. Sharing distinctive brands made by the “big shots” and the “little guy”, which will help stimulate our struggling economy at the grassroots level. I have searched far and wide for the place where my piece fits into this glorious puzzle of life. I have found it here, at 2882, FOR Ü.

If you would like to learn more, partner or support in any way please email any queries to: