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2882Sport™ Para Você Tokyo_16 Dark Academia Biodegradable Phone Case

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Product Description

2882™ Para Você Tokyo_16 Dark Academia Biodegradable Phone Case

My  new FAVORITE thing in the world. There are so many phones and so many people carring them wrapped in plastic protection. I was so exciited when we sxtarted doing the biodregrable cases. BUT. To be honest, when I was told Biodegrable phone case. I thought it was either going to be functional - with ZERO design options or all the design options but woiuldn't protect your phone.  I have to say this is FASHION MEETS FUNCTION at it finest. If you know me.. You know how I have gone though phones over the years.

I love this Dark Academia version. It lets you stand out and be in the trend but it carries this sophostoication about it. I feel that no mattere you personal style. This Bio Alt Fashion Phone Case trasforms to whatever look you are giving that day. It gets editors pick for most versatile accessory. 

I like to call it: BIO-VERS


But don't listen to me.. Click that ADD TO CART and let us know by leaving us a little review so we can all hear your thoughts on the NEW BIO-VERS Phone case!  Don't forget, Stand Up. Stande Out. Be Creatve. BÜ - Para Vacê


Introducing the future of phones - a biodegradable phone case with absolutely no plastic. The material used for this phone case won’t add to the landfill, it becomes biodegradable in just 160 days.

Made of PLA plant polymer with a bamboo binder.

This is what you need today. Join the movement, stay ECO.

• Slim form and lightweight
• Precise cut outs for connectivity
• Supports wireless charging
• Might have a natural scent