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2882Sport™ Para Você Rescued - Tokyo_16 Dark Academia Plaid Skater Skirt

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Product Description

So, okay, you’re probably thinking, “Is this, like a Noxema commercial, or what?”

2882Sport™ Para Você Rescued - Tokyo_16 Dark Acedamia Plaid Skater Skirt will have you saying "WHAT-EVER" and you will be utterly "Clueless" how Fetch you look - And not like a Monet. In reality, everyone iwill bew thinking, wow - Shes All That!

I know it sounds mental, but sometimes I have more fun vegging out than when I go partying. So if you are anything like me this Dark Academia with a little Alt Fashion twist, reimagind, iconicly 90's, Yellow Plaid Skirt will instantly become your everyday favorite. It features a cozy, soft touch and a fun, flirty yet casual look. It will have you looking and feeling like a "total Betty" and have you saying Hit me Baby One More Time!

Do not get on the freeway. Stop being a "virgin, that can't drive."

This is not a time to "totally pause."

Or people will think "you shop at Judy's..."

ADD TO CART - You'll have everyone else looking like a "Fashion Victim" or at least "Ensembly-Challenged". 

"Oh, that was way harsh. I am totally buggin. I’m having a Twin Peaks experience."

I just meant like, "You don’t want to be the last one at the coffee house without chin pubes."

Sorry, totally moody... "I'm surfing the crimson wave. I have to haul ass to powder my nose"

If we have learned nothing from Cher Horowitz. "Searching for a boy during a Pandemic is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie. " So get out there, Be Inspired, enjoy your creativity, and have fun!


PS: Tell you BF where you got the skirt so you both "know what it’s like to have people be jealous you!"


Waist width, in 12.52 13.50 14.53 15.75 17.24 18.74
Outseam (w/o waistband), in 14.49 14.76 15.00 15.24 15.51 15.75