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2882Sport™ "Fit My Mood" Midnight Blooms Backpack

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Product Description

<p><strong>2882Sport "Fit My Mood" Midnight Blooms Backpack</strong>

<strong> <em>Get carried away with this backpack! Delight in the midnight blooms, and find your place to unpack.</em></strong>

Do your moods change with the weather? This backpack has got you covered. When it’s gloomy and cool outside, but lightening bright on the inside, throw this floral printed backpack over your shoulder. When it jumps down to 50 degrees out (without a cloud in sight) whip out some of this seasons hottest colors. The combinations are endless; just don't forget to fit your mood! Sure everyone could use a new bag for camp, school or anything else in between--but let's be honest: nobody needs another plain black bag that they can find anywhere. Get adventurous and colorful with this 2882Sport “fit my mood” mini backpack—it’ll make all those rainy days feel like summer vacation

This spacious, whimsically themed backpack is perfect for the modern-day individual looking to free themselves from monotonous office dress codes. With just a few convenient zips you can be as bold and creative in your outfit choices as you are with the features of your new 2882Sport "Fit My Mood" Midnight Blooms Backpack! Besides stylish design, this pack holds all the essentials needed for city living: computer, cell phone charger (yes it's inside), charging cable, Tretorn shoes (perfect for traveling on dirty NYC streets), leg cast (enhances exciting limp at bus stop). This bag offers style and convenience at an affordable price point that would make any millennial swoon.

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This backpack is for the trendsetter that likes to have everything they need, all together and organized. This backpack is perfect for dragging all of your gear anywhere you go. It easily frees up your hands so you can grab your keys or finish that text you were writing! If you feel like you're carrying half of your belongings with you at all times, this backpack is for you! It has a spacious inside compartment (with a pocket for your laptop), and a hidden back pocket for safekeeping your most valuable items.

The 2882Sport "Fit My Mood" Midnight Blooms Backpack has more than enough space for all your belongings with compartments and pockets to keep all of your items neatly stored away and organized as well! Made with a 100% poly, water-resistant material their is no worries about the weather! The 2882Sport "Fit My Mood" Midnight Blooms Backpack will keep all of your belongings high and dry and safe from the elements!

<strong><em>So what are you waiting for? Get out there and look great while staying safe with the 2882Sport "Fit My Mood" Midnight Blooms Backpack</em></strong>

<strong>• Material:</strong> Made from 100% Polyester
<strong>• Fabric Weight:</strong> 9.91 oz/yd² (336 g/m²)
<strong>• Dimensions:</strong> 16.1″ (41 cm) H, 12.2″ (31 cm) W, & 5.5″ (14 cm) D
<strong>• Capacity:</strong> 5.3 Gallons (20 l)
<strong>• Max Weight:</strong> 44 Lbs (20 kg)
<strong>• Weather Safety:</strong> Water-Resistant Material
<strong>• Compartments:</strong> Large Inside Pocket with Additional Pocket Fitting a 15” Laptop, and a Hidden Pocket with Zipper on Back Side of The Backpack
<strong>• Closures:</strong> Top Zipper, 2 Sliders with Zipper Pullers Attached to Each Slider
<strong>• Lining:</strong> Silky Lining, Piped Hems, with Soft Mesh Backing
<strong>• Straps:</strong> Padded Ergonomic Bag Straps From Polyester with Plastic Strap Regulators