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Cherry Tree Blossom Stacking Ring

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Product Description

The Jewelry

Sterling Silver - 14K Gold Vermeil - Colored Enamel

Stacking ring with colored cherry tree flower. 

Wear it on any finger together with your other favourite rings.


The Story Behind the Design

Japan is the proud owner of the manhole cover festival that celebrates them. 

Indeed, whether they are in plain metal or flashy colors, those Japanese covers are so unique and qualified as art pieces by many. 

This tradition originates from the 1960’s when the ministry employee Yasutake Kameda needed to raise social acceptance for the costly public works. 

By him, populations got encouraged to develop unique cover designs with a local flavour. The first creation happened in 1977. 

Today, over 95% of the 1780 Japanese municipalities have their own artistic designs.  

This one is inspired by an osaka castle seen through cherry blossoms (named sakura). We created our design around the flower itself and can’t wait to share more of those beautiful Japanese covers with you.  

by Nomad Avenue